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Sep. 11th, 2006

Things got pretty serious with the boy I started seeing around my last entry. Unfortunately I left my computer on and LJ open and he saw my account and wasn't really happy with the fact that I had a sex journal posted online for anyone to see, so we talked about it (for weeks, actually) and I finally deleted the account.

We broke up a few weeks ago and I thought of this journal this morning and decided to see if I could reactivate it, and hooray! It worked.

A lot's changed since the last time I posted here and I'm not even sure if anyone on my flist still remembers me, but hopefully I can get to know you all and make even more friends!

Here's to seeing you guys around! :)
So, I've been MIA lately. I've been pretty sick and just didn't have the energy to update. Or do anything to update about... I'm just starting to feel good again, and as soon as I don't feel like I want to die, I'm going to do many, many nice things for/with the guy I wrote about in my last entry. He's been super patient and sweet and just awesome, bringing me soup and medicine and mass amounts of juice and kleenex. Hopefully there'll be something good to update about later. :)

First Entry

I'm hoping that I can loosen up and feel comfortable enough to post here openly and frequently. I love sex and erotica but have never really been able to talk about it. This is the first step. Talking about, writing it down. Even if I'm the only one reading.

To anyone that landed here randomly, anything after this will be friends only, so feel free to add. I'll add you back. And I hope I won't be too neglectful of this journal. XD



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